UX empathy map template

The Google UX design course offers a number of templates to help with executing all the steps of the user experience process, but some are more flexible than others.

I found the empathy map template a bit too constrictive when it came to listing all of the interesting text as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I made my own empathy map template in Google Docs, freely available to copy or download to anyone. Here’s why I like it:

  • Removes concerns about excessively adjusting content to fit the constraints of the design. Yet it still encourages keeping the document to one page (you’ll see why if you go to two pages). This creates a reasonable limit that generates useful rather than frustrating editing decisions about which information to include and how to craft it. The goal is to keep a project moving, not get bogged down in wordplay and sentence structure for the sake of squeezing ideas into a too-tiny space.
  • Is built using tables, which are easy to manipulate and adjust their sizing according to the content they contain.
  • Available to anyone by being in Google Docs. I can let go of any concerns about hosting the files on my own servers. Reliable and free!

Enjoy the UX empathy map template :-) I also embedded it below to make it easier to see if it will serve your purposes:

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