UX personas template

Another tool for my fellow UX designers: a Google Doc template for crafting UX personas that uses nice and flexible tables. Google’s template wasn’t bad, but I wanted one that didn’t ask me to spend so much time editing sentences.

Hang on — I do value editing (I’m an editor), but I want a UX process to focus less on making perfectly sized sentences for a box’s needs. My or my client’s needs are important, and they often involve deadlines. There is a balance to be struck. A sentence that hasn’t been wordsmithed into a perfect gem of efficiency and insight more often than not achieves the essential goal while saving a lot of time. Being locked into a tiny box forces me into deep editing mode. That can be useful, but not all the time. When it’s not, now I have a tool option.

You can see my UX persona template below to preview it:

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