Trends in the journalism business and content creation: Targeting texting and choice cuts (news roundup for March 6, 2016)

1. Your messaging apps are about to be invaded by the news ==>

Purple ==>

Quartz jumped on this train ==>

And eventually bots analyzing data streams will provide your conversation partner ==>

2. Editorial strategy of reducing choice as a way to stand out ==> ==>

Why does the number of choices matter? The Economist explains ==>

3. Businesses are sorting, improving and redistributing floods of information from social media outlets into better packages ==>

Nuzzel ==>

But where do the limits of our ability pay attention and design intersect? Research on that can be viewed in this PDF ==>

4. Paywalls will give you a nice chunk of change to start, but then old revenue problems come to the fore:

Making more palatable paywalls through micropayments and bundled subscriptions ==> and

5. Text (presumably original content that is hard to create) \”is perfect for growth but terrible for monetization\” so use it to point to related, revenue-generating, high-end podcasts and video shows ==>

As quality departs, so does your audience ==> \”The primary concern for people who gave up on an outlet seems to be quality. When asked which they noticed more, fewer stories or less complete stories, far more people said the latter (24% to 61%).\” ==>

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