News companies, start building your virtual reality templates and tools for user-generated VR journalism

Fully immersive virtual reality environments are the next media space that will produce another generation of winners and losers in the race to provide the best, quickest and most engaging information. Which news organizations will win? Their past performance is worrisome; the internet and its democratic system of links gutted well-funded newspapers. In the internet’s … Read more

Trends in the journalism business and content creation: movies and the art of clickbait headlines

Movies and the art of clickbait headlines “We found something out here” is the first line you hear (at the 0:21 point) in the trailer for the next Independence Day film. Sound familiar? Here are some recent headlines from the news(ish) world: This Is What Happens When Two BuzzFeed Employees Explode A Watermelon | What … Read more

Trends in the journalism business and content creation: Centralized digital power and our virtual world (news roundup for March 26, 2016)

1. The Internet isn\’t distributing media power, it is concentrating it From Joshua Benton on NiemanLab: The game of concentration: The Internet is pushing the American news business to New York and the coasts “The Internet doesn’t spread things apart — it pushes them together,” Richard Florida, an urban studies theorist. “You’re seeing more of … Read more

Trends in the journalism business and content creation: Targeting texting and choice cuts (news roundup for March 6, 2016)

1. Your messaging apps are about to be invaded by the news ==> Purple ==> Quartz jumped on this train ==> And eventually bots analyzing data streams will provide your conversation partner ==> 2. Editorial strategy of reducing choice as a way to stand out ==> ==> Why does … Read more

Hegemony of the headline

The biggest barrier to telling a story is figuring out why you should tell it. When you read a headline, you should be able to determine pretty quickly why someone thought that story was worthwhile. That’s a problem. Real conversations are filled with things beside Grand Statements Concerning Important Matters (GSCIM). There are empty noises … Read more